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Knowledge Champ

LearnNext Quiz, Nov 2014

Learnnext brings to you another exciting experience in the form of LearnNext Quiz, Nov 2014 to be held for classes V to X for Indian students. The quiz offers you a national level competition to judge yourself by competing with participants of the same grade. LearnNext Quiz, November 2014 will judge the participants on the basis of their knowledge on subjects, intelligent quotient and the general knowledge level

Quiz Dates:

Classes V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X – November 16, 2014 (Sunday)

Questions to be Asked:

The participants will have to go through a set of Multiple Choice Questions based on various categories like English Grammar, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Indian History, Politics and Personalities, Art and Culture, Science and Technology, Geography, Sports, International Events, Inventions, Honours and Rewards and even Famous Places in India and the world. LearnNext Quiz, November 2014 will be a time based quiz which will test not only your subjects knowledge, IQ but also test the speed with which you analyse to answer.

Prizes To Be Won:

The quiz brings to you a huge number of big and new exciting prizes to be won not only on the individual front but also national level to recognize your hard work and victory. The top three winners irrespective of the classes and subjects can look forward to prizes like sony PSPs, digital cameras and fastrack watches. In addition to this, one can keep an eye on the consolation and the lucky draw prizes as well. The complete list of prizes is also available on the learnnext website.

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